Comprehensive Guide to Negative Keywords in PPC

Negative keywords are the best friend of a PPC Marketer. Deciding who is your target audience is as important as deciding who is not your target. With a comprehensive negative keywords strategy, you can

Improve ROI,

Save on the cost,

Reduce wasted spend and,

Laser target your campaign.

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How to build a negative keyword list

Where to apply negative keywords (Account Level, Campaign Level and Ad group level)

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Save 20% CPL with Smart Scheduling of Ads

Smart scheduling one of my favorite PPC strategy using which I have consistently been able to bring down the cost per lead across my campaigns. In this post, I am listing out the scheduling strategy which can help you save around 20% on average. If you have been running an ad evenly, you might have … Read more

Innovative Strategy to grow Your email list

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Account-based Marketing framework for SAAS Companies

Ever wondered how big enterprises market their solution? If you are a founder or marketer with a B2B product-led company operating in a niche, reaching your target customer is always a challenge. You focus on fragmented activities like social media and paid advertising, and some kind of email marketing (cold or otherwise).  You create loads … Read more

The psychology of color how it affects buying decisions

psychology of color

Colour plays an important role in our lives. Unconsciously, colour influences our emotions, thoughts and feelings. That’s why colour is often played with in the marketing industry. The question is: “How can you use colour to sell more? The importance of colour in marketing Getting your sales figures up doesn’t have to be difficult at … Read more