SEO’s Guide for Topic Modeling – Stop Leaving Traffic on the table

Topic modeling for seo

A single blog post can rank for 1000+ keywords. For example, if you have an optimized page for cat food, Google is able to recognize searches such as cat snacks, cat treats, cat meals, etc. as relevant and your site is eligible to appear for all these keywords. As a Digital Marketer, you need to target a topic rather than a keyword for your next SEO campaign.

When you search for a keyword Apple, how does the search engine decide which results to show? Apple the Fruit or Apple the mobile company. It depends on the user intent if the search engine knows that more people searching for Apple, clicks on links from Apple the company, the results from the mobile company will get prominence.

With the 2013 hummingbird update, Google has gained the immense capacity to understand the content, context, and user intent.

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