The psychology of color how it affects buying decisions

Colour plays an important role in our lives. Unconsciously, colour influences our emotions, thoughts and feelings. That’s why colour is often played with in the marketing industry. The question is: “How can you use colour to sell more?

The importance of colour in marketing

Getting your sales figures up doesn’t have to be difficult at all. You can already achieve a lot of results using the right colours. Research has even shown that no less than 85 percent of people are guided by colour.

By using colour, products become more attractive, stand out more and there is more brand recognition. With colour you can also evoke positive feelings with your potential customers, making them buy faster. Colour is also very important for a webshop. By choosing the right colours, content is better read and the transfer of information happens faster. So colour is of great importance!

How can you use colour?

In order to use colour in your advertisements or on your website, it is first important to know what action or feeling a certain colour triggers. You also need to ask yourself which colour suits your company best, what your objectives are and what your target group is. Here are a few examples!

The colour red

Often the colour red is chosen, this is because red makes your brand or product stand out. Red also encourages appetite and is therefore often used in restaurants. In addition, red stands for passion, love and intensity. Red increases the heart rate and encourages impulsive buyers.

The colour blue

The colour blue radiates tranquillity and is a colour associated with our planet. Blue also increases productivity. This colour gives a sense of security and confidence in a brand.

The colour yellow

Yellow radiates cheerfulness and warmth and is a colour that stimulates creativity and other mental processes. This colour draws attention to your products and also creates an optimistic feeling with the customer.

The colour orange

Orange stands for excitement and enthusiasm, but it is also a warning colour. That is why orange is often used in promotions. The colour orange also calls for buying and action. Do you choose orange for your company’s brand? Then this brand comes across to people as a friendly and self-assured brand.

The colour purple

If you use purple in your logo, your logo exudes wisdom, success and wealth. Purple is also a soothing colour and is often used in beauty products. Purple can also stand for fantasy and creativity.

The colour green

If you choose green, it can symbolize health, nature, and tranquillity. Green can also stand for money. Because of the color green symbolizes nature, it also lowers stress levels. Green is often used in natural products or organizations that are concerned with health, animal welfare or the environment.

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