Comprehensive Guide to Schema Markup – Enhance Your Search Engine Presence

Many websites with good content are hurt in the ranking, thanks to their poor representation in the search results. Various search engine studies suggest that the first position for a keyword gets an average of 33% of the traffic, while number two and three gets 18% and 11% respectively. If you are experiencing a poor CTR, Google’s Rankbrain algorithm will push you down further as your competitor wins your ranking.

What is a Schema Markup?

Schema Mark-up is a structured way to present your information to search engines. By just putting an additional tag to your HTML, you can help search engines understand, organize, and present the information in a better way. it increases your chances of appearing in rich snippets which is the new way of representing information on google.

Off late, Google search is getting richer with a focus on answering maximum queries on the platform itself (As opposed to sending traffic to your website.) is a collaborative effort of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex browser. The structured data helps the search engine understand the meaning of your content. You tell the search engine that the word Titanic on your page represents the famous movie, that J k. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter Series, that Oracle is an Organization. This helps search engines align your content with the searcher’s intent.

Facts about Schema Mark-up

  • Over 25% of Google search results as rich snippets. Adding Structured data increases your chances of appearing in rich snippets.
  • Only .3 percent of websites use schema mark-up as of now.
  • The most common schema mark-up is breadcrumb and article.
  • has a huge library, you can mark almost anything in the schema.

Benefits of using Schema Mark-up

  • Your content is better understood by search engines.
  • You can appear for in-depth articles and Google news.
  • Position zero is the new top – your chances of appearing in the knowledge graph become high.
  • Google will consider your website for rich snippets.
  • You can appear in the Google answer box
  • Google voice assistant can use the searchable information using voice, you can appear for voice search as well.
  • By using the video tag, you can help Google rank your video in search results
  • Google shopping feed requires microdata to pick information from your page.
  • Structured data helps better representation of your website on social media
  • If you are using a chatbot, schema mark-up can help chatbots interpret the information on your website.

Start with Google AnswerBox

Google Answer box is the prominent knowledge Graph Item. Appearing in the Google answer box does not require schema markup. Types of answer box results

  1. Paragraphs
    Paragraph type responses are prominent, they appear for 80% of the answer box. It’s easiest to rank for, any straightforward answer to a
  2. Lists
  3. Tables

Here are some facts about the Answer box you should know. 

  • Google picks answers from the high authority websites in their niche.
  • Just like search results, the place is dynamic
  • You need not be in the top three or top 10 to appear in the Answer box, even websites with lower-ranking can get the zero position.

Steps to appear in Google answer box 

  • Prepare a list of queries for which the Google Answer box appears.
  • Answer the queries in your content.
  • You can add an FAQs session on your page to keep the format and the terms.
  • Matching the query format and the exact sequence increases your chance.
  • Add a logical and to the point answer.

How to drive clicks from answer box
Google shows 100 words in the Answer box, if your paragraph is longer and truncated, you will get clicks from people looking for a complete answer. If your answer appears in a list format and has more than 6 bullets, the user will click on the link to get the complete list. Check this quick guide to the answer box or the Whiteboard Friday on Google answer box to learn more.

How to add Schema Mark-up to your website

You can add Schema Mark up using different methods.

  • Via Google Schema Mark up Helper
  • With WordPress Plugin
  • Add schema mark-up using Google search console
  • Add Schema mark up using Google tag manager

Add Schema markup Using Google Structured Data Markup Helper –
Open Structured Data Markup Helper

Google Structured data markup helperSelect the type of markup you want to add and enter the URL to start tagging.
On the next screen, select the fields you want to tag.

Google Structured data markup screen

Once you are done with tagging, generate HTML and post inside the header tag of your page.

How to add Schema Markup with WordPress Plugin 
Install the Plugin All in one Schema Markup

Schema Markup Do’s and don’ts

  • Mark as much content as you can
  • Follow Google’s guidelines for Structured Data.
  • Check competitor markups with free tools
  • Do not mark hidden content
  • Do Not Mark in the Wrong Category
  • Mark Valuable content only

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